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BREAKING: Quincy Promes arrested in Dubai

by: Entrust


Quincy Promes has been arrested in Dubai. The arrest is associated with an extradition request from The Netherlands.


Quincy Promes has been sentenced with a 6 year prison sentence in The Netherlands.

Recall that Promes, was earlier to sentenced to six years imprisonment for smuggling over 1,350 kilos of cocaine.

He was convicted on c+caine trafficking charges by the District Court of Amsterdam on Wednesday. The court sentenced him to six years in prison. His co-defendant, Marylio V., was also convicted on the same charges, as well as money laundering. V. was also handed a six-year prison term.

Promes and V. played a “crucial, directing and coordinating role,” in cocaine smuggling, prosecutors argued. They were accused of organizing the delivery of two batches of c+caine, with a combined weight of over 1,350 kilograms.

The court specifically criticized Promes for flaunting wealth and trying to increase his prestige by making extra money through serious crime. According to the court, this is extra damaging because, as a professional footballer, Promes is a role model to many.

The court saw sufficient evidence that Promes played an important role in trafficking the two shipments of c+caine in early 2020. Evidence against him included messages on the encrypted messaging service Sky ECC, where Promes, using the name “Fantasma,” discussed payments and sending retrievers to the Antwerp port to retrieve the cocaine from containers.

Promes, 32, currently plays football for Spartak Moscow and has refused to return to the Netherlands for his trial and, thus, never made a statement about the offenses charged against him, according to NOS. His lawyers, Robert Malewicz and Sophie Hof, informed him of the verdict, and he immediately said he would appeal.



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